Coconut water as mother nature intended it to be

Muthuvel Enterprises is one of the divisions of Muthuvel Group. Muthuvel Enterprises has carved a niche in the food and beverage industry right from day one.

Backed by the leading and experience-rich business conglomerate Muthuvel Group, Muthuvel Enterprises has brought in a unique, natural and healthy beverage, that is, 100% pure tender coconut water.

The success of a business lies in how effectively the organization could foresee the future. Muthuvel Enterprises has clearly understood this and brought in natural food product in the market.

Pure and Natural Products

Muthuvel Enterprises has committed to natural and pure food products ever since the company has started its operations. The tender coconut water is pure, nature and have a shorter shelf-life. Transporting is also a tedious activity.

On the other hand, there was a tremendous demand for natural food products as the artificial, chemical-rich food products were chocking the market resulting in serious health issues.

Muthuvel Enterprises foresaw an opportunity to serve, yet to do business without compromising on ethical and moral standards. The 100% pure tender coconut water is one of its kinds from Muthuvel Enterprises and received a fruitful response from every customer.

Process Excellence

While it was a unique opportunity, the challenges were manifold for Muthuvel Enterprises, when it comes to retain the naturalness of tender coconut water. Adding any preservative or additive will spoil not just the natural quality, but will dent a hole in the reputation of the company as well. But, shelf-life of tender coconut water needs to be extended as well. This was a tough challenge to tackle.

Muthuvel Enterprises' team of excellent professionals brought in a unique, proprietary process to extend shelf life of tender coconut water up to 12months, which is an unassailable record in the food and beverage industry.


Processing technique varies from each brand and the packing style. Tetra Pak is the most common Coconut Water packing style in the market today and the technique behind it is pretty straightforward but the taste will be compromised. Our process retains the taste much better than Tetra Pak and enables better marketability of the product. We are certain that any consumer who buys our product will keep coming back. It tastes like no other.
We are using flexible stand-up container with easy-to-open cap for good shelf visibility and easy consumption. The container allows for printing on all sides and it is fully customizable to best fit your brand and style.
We have derived a stable packing technique that not only elongates shelf life of the product to one year but also retains the natural taste, which no other brand could able to achieve in the market today. And yes, it is 100% Coconut Water and 0% preservatives.

Unique Advantage

The added advantage is that no preservatives or additives were added and the natural flavor, color and taste were retained without any compromise. The proprietary process preserves natural taste and sweetness in a perfect manner. The goodness of tender coconut water can be enjoyed even in a desert – thanks to Muthuvel Enterprises' commitment, smart work and quality-conscious efforts.

Muthuvel Enterprises strongly believes in ethical way of doing business. To bring about a product that really is what it claims to be. Many players in the market print in bold "100% Natural Coconut Water", "Pure Coconut Water", etc. but don't mind adding "Natural Preservatives" to the product. We strongly believe the term "Pure" and "Natural" should denote something to which 0% of anything else is added. This is where nearly two years of our research and lab testing pays off.