Beverages pure as nature intended

Muthuvel Enterprises is one of the divisions of Muthuvel Group. Muthuvel Enterprises has carved a niche in the food and beverage industry right from day one.

Backed by the leading and experience-rich business conglomerate Muthuvel Group, Muthuvel Enterprises has brought in unique, natural and healthy beverages

The success of a business lies in how effectively the organization could foresee the future. Muthuvel Enterprises has clearly understood this and brought in natural food product in the market.

Pure and Natural Products

Muthuvel Enterprises has committed to natural and pure food products ever since the company has started its operations. Pollachi being the coconut hub of the south it came as no surprise that coconut was going to play a vital role in development of the company portfolio.

With industry experts and enthusiasts long endeavored contributions the company was able to achieve a shelf stable coconut water that needed no additives or sugar. As pure as nature intended it to be.

Muthuvel Enterprises foresaw an opportunity to serve, yet to do business without compromising on ethical and moral standards. The 100% pure tender coconut water is one of its kinds from Muthuvel Enterprises and received a fruitful response from every customer. With the confidence soaring high from materializing a proprietary processing technique for coconut water, the team took on itself to deliver fruit juices at the highest perfection.

Process Excellence

While it was a unique opportunity, the challenges were manifold for Muthuvel Enterprises. Competing in price sensitive markets against products that are not comparable in quality kept the team on the toes to improvise process techniques. This became even more challenging considering the reputation of the company being at stake to deliver a product that is not just superior in quality but also competitively priced.


Taking pride in being the first automated pouch filling line in this part, we have the facility to fill our entire product line in both spouted stand-up pouches and PET bottles alike. The company foresaw rise in acceptance for pouches as the world is moving towards an environmental path. Being able to pack, co-pack in a wider range of packing forms gives the company an edge.


Started out with pure tender coconut water, the company has grown its portfolio with beverages not limited to:
Apple Juice
Mango Juce
Guava Juice
Pineapple Juice
Passion Fruit Juice
Pomegranate Juice
Orange Juice
Fruit Infused Iced Tea
Flavored Iced Tea
Being Muthuvel, we needed something unique in it and we formulated all of the above with No Added Sugar & No Preservatives to keep in line with our founding philosophy.