About Us

Redefining Customer Delight

Muthuvel Group of Companies

The Muthuvel Group is a conglomerate of seven companies with key focus on these industries: Chit Fund, Finance, Textile, Carbon, Coir, Beverage and Agriculture. We promise unwavering focus on quality and outstanding customer service to every customer we work with.

A Brief History of Muthuvel Group

The group has a humble beginning. The founders Mr. V.Karthikeyan and Mr. V.Rathinasabapathi both had a unique, yet, life-changing dream. They dreamt about a business venture that could ensure environment-friendly processes, which should also offer the most potential value to the customers.

The outcome was the Coconut Fiber factory, the group’s 1st business venture. Though from a middle class background, as sons of Government school teacher, the founders had ambitious plans that they wanted to achieve.

They were ready to work hard and brought in foresighted decision making into the business operations. Soon, the Chit Fund Company was started as well. The group’s success lies in ethical business practice and putting customers first, and soon success in both ventures was inevitable.

The management and staff brought professional management practices and quality processes to expand beyond known horizons and diversified into Finance, Textile, and Coconut related products from there on. The rest, as everyone says, is history!


The Muthuvel group’s flagship firm, Muthuvel Chits was started more than 25 years ago. Today, many families have reached economical independence and could able to successfully fulfill major family commitments – thanks to our Chit schemes that we proactively initiated long back.

The success and customer satisfaction that we could able to achieve with Muthuvel Chits helped and motivated us to expand our horizons to diverse industrial ventures. Subsequently, we set foot in unique business ventures and delivering quality-rich products and services, bringing in positive change in many of our customers.

Based on our experience and expertise in running a successful chit firm, we have ventured into Finance, Textile, Carbon, Coir, Beverage and Agriculture, reaping success in every venture that we focused upon.

The Group companies include

Muthuvel Chits

Muthuvel Chits is a reliable name in all our investors. We have chit schemes for diverse walks of society and ensure that the ultimate benefit reaches our customers,
while inculcating the habits savings among our customers.


Muthuvel Investment

Often times, there might be a critical need such that our savings might not be adequate to handle or overcome that situation. In these scenarios, Muthuvel Investment steps in and offers comprehensive financial services including personal loans, home loans, construction loan, mortgage loan, etc.


Muthuvel Knits

Muthuvel Knits has carved a niche in the textile knitting arena.
Imported machineries are deployed and experienced team of employees work to ensure customer satisfaction
through supreme comfort of our knit apparels.


Muthuvel Carbons

Muthuvel Carbons is a leading name in carbon products manufacturing. We offer complete range of carbon products including coconut shell, wood and fuel briquette. Our advanced manufacturing facilities are in line with the industry’s stringent requirments. Flambee is a familiar and popular brand among our customers.


Sri Muthu Fibres

Sri Muthu Fibres is a renowned name in the coir products manufacturing industry. Environment-friendly coir products produced through quality processes is one of our fortes that help our customers ultimately.


Muthuvel Enterprises

Muthuvel Enterprises has brought in a unique, natural as well as healthy beverage, that is, 100% pure tender coconut water. Coco Spring is our popular brand that quenches thirsty with sweet and natural coconut water. Technology with nature has ensured us to deliver unique solutions.


Muthuvel Agro

Located in scenic landscape, Muthuvel Agro has got Coconut, Mango, Cashew, Cocoa, Pepper plantations that produce rich yields at regular intervals. We ensure that the environment is never polluted and also help farmers to reap rich harvests through our plantations.


Why Muthuvel Group

  • Long-standing heritage – More than 25 years of exceptional customer service.
  • Diverse Industry Portfolios – to fulfill diverse customer needs.
  • Outstanding quality at affordable prices.
  • Proven quality practices and industry standards resulting in pricing advantage.
  • Reliable, environment-friendly operations.
  • State-of-art infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Experienced professionals delivering immaculate outputs.
  • Friendly-approach, customer-focused processes and services.

The secret behind our success lies in the fact we strongly believe in steady and positive growth rather than better revenue, quality focus rather than defective product or service, environment-friendly measures rather than polluting the atmosphere – above all, our unflinching focus on customer's welfare! And, this focus has helped us to tap even international markets such as Korea and Netherland.