Technology driven farming with traditional values

Muthuvel Agro is one of the divisional companies of the famous Muthuvel Group of companies. Enriched by the rich heritage of the group, Muthuvel Agro is into the traditional, yet, important business activity – agricultural venture.

Muthuvel Agro is into agriculture with a valued tradition that runs over 3 generations of agriculture history. This unique advantage has enabled Muthuvel Agro to handle toughest challenges that are part and parcel of agricultural venture.


Fertile Lands

Muthuvel Agro possesses over 100 acres of farmland and we have ensured that the rich soil retains its fertility and has adequate nutrients that are necessary for plant nutrition. We have carefully ensured that soil fertility is at good condition as that is vital for agricultural activities.

Plantation Varieties

Located in scenic landscape, Muthuvel Agro has got Coconut, Mango, Cashew, Cocoa, Pepper plantations that produce rich yields at regular intervals. Care has been exerted such that these plantations get adequate water and required nutrients to retain the richness of the soil. We also have valued timber plantation that cater to diverse needs of our customers.

Professional Management

Sri Muthu Fibres has played a prominent role in setting a quality benchmark in the market, since we have a rich expertise and long years of experience in coir manufacturing. We have ensured that quality is never compromised in any of our processes. A concrete drying yard has been especially developed to maintain highest product quality.We have professionals who have advanced qualifications and a group of experienced farmers who could bring in their traditional knowledge. This right mix of knowledge and education enables us to reap wonderful benefits including outstanding production.

Our systemized fertilizer and irrigation system facilitates us to succeed in the challenging agro business, despite hurdles and bottlenecks that could hinder the growth. Our scientific and innovative approach while embracing traditional methods is the secret behind our continuous achievements that we could realise year after year for the last three decades.

Support for Farmers

Muthuvel Agro agrees and understands that the farmers are the backbone of the country and they have involved in one of the noblest professions in the world. Muthuvel Agro supports farmers at every phase, whether its crop care or cultivation.

Our contribution to the growth of Indian agriculture is a small, yet strong commitment to nurture this core activity and with a steadfast resolve we will ensure the welfare of everyone involved.