One-stop shop for Trust, Returns & Financial Independence

Muthuvel Chits is the flagship company of Muthuvel Group, one of the leading business conglomerates that enjoy continuous patronage from the customers due to its commitment to quality and delivery excellence.

Muthuvel Chits, a Registered Chit Company, is operating in chit fund and savings for more than 25 years now. The company has withstood all tough scenarios and stands tall even today mainly because of the transparent processes, honest operations and accountability maintained for every single rupee.


Over the years, Muthuvel Chits has helped more than 1,500 customers to attain financial freedom in their life, resulting in satisfied and recurring customers, year after year.

We have ensured that only 100% registered chit groups are operating and hence our customers are brimming with confidence and always looking forward to invest in our chit groups without any hesitation.

There are many things that set Muthuvel Chits ahead of the competition. We are practicing the most sophisticated state-of-the-art systems and procedures in the market. It is efficient and our customers confidently save their hard-earned money with us. It is not just the trust; it is the way we do business with impeccable track record.

Our employees are true professionals and our customers will not lose even a single day waiting to get a professional response from us and we have ensured that fund dispersal is almost immediate after the chit auction.

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The Major Financial Advantages that Our Customers Reap:

  • Best track record for immediate fund dispersal after chit auction.
  • Operating with over 2 Crores in reserve, and net worth over 1.5 Crores.
  • Well experienced and trusted management team.
  • Every month a new chit group gets started.
  • Chit groups ranging from 1 Lakh to 50 Lakhs catering to low to high income groups.

We are proud and happy to share that we have lighted the lamps in so many of our customers' lives catering to their diverse needs:
Marriages, business investments, educational investments, land purchase, house construction, crisis moment handling such as health emergencies, household items purchase such as TV, furniture, vehicle, etc.