Valued added coir products

Sri Muthu Fibres, a part of Muthuvel Group of Companies, has been synonymous with vigor ever since it was founded in 1988. Anchored by an outstanding force of expert professionals, Sri Muthu Fibres produces coir products that meet international standards.

Sri Muthu Fibres with its experience of close to three decades has carved niche market in the coir products manufacturing industry. It has set new benchmarks and excelling quality standards and reaped many benefits - thanks to its acumen for quality.

Coir Products

Sri Muthu Fibres has wide ranging products including white coir fiber, brown coir fiber, coir pith and curled rope. Coir Fibre is usually graded considering the characteristics such as nature of extraction, colour, impurities, existence of long as well as short fibres, etc.

Produced utilising high-grade basic material, all of our products are capable of fulfilling customers' requirements satisfactorily. Our coir products are of different sizes and offered at reasonable process, we meet diverse needs of our customers.

Technological Advantage

We ensure that systematic technology upgrades are part of our process at Sri Muthu Fibres. That is one of the vital reasons that enable us to cater to the best known mattress brands in India. We have mechanized as well as fully-automated production facility fortified with advanced material handling equipment.

International Association

Sri Muthu Fibres coir products reach international markets including Netherland and China. We are also maintaining long-term association with European Horticulture companies to ensure that quality is the hallmark of our products..

Quality Benchmarks

Sri Muthu Fibres has played a prominent role in setting a quality benchmark in the market, since we have a rich expertise and long years of experience in coir manufacturing. We have ensured that quality is never compromised in any of our processes. A concrete drying yard has been especially developed to maintain highest product quality.
Our coir products are of superior quality as our brown/white coir fiber has got less than 5% impurities and our coir pith has less than 2% impurities. We ensure that quality is inseparable at each and every process including packing and delivery to the customer.